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Related Sites

Below is a collection of links that you may find useful.

OpenMP-related sites:

  1. OpenMP home page, for full canonical information about OpenMP shared-memory parallel programming.
  2. OpenMP tutorials from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S.A. Quite comprehensive.
  3. The OpenMP Community web site. This is not an informal discussion forum - it's a lot more formal than that. Still, it has some useful content and links (including links to OpenMP benchmark codes).
  4. OpenMP Training from Ohio Supercomputer Center, U.S.A.
  5. Concise, businesslike OpenMP tutorial from NERSC, U.S.A.
  6. OpenMP practical tutorial from University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. Not as formal or as comprehensive as other sites, but has nice diagrams with useful sample code segment
  7. The wikipedia OpenMP page - full of useful links.
  8. More OpenMP resource material from the Australian National University.

MPI-related sites:

  1. The Message Passing Interface page from Argonne National Laboratory, U.S.A.: the one-stop shop for all MPI-related material.
  2. The MPICH home page (MPICH is a free, portable implementation of MPI).
  3. Introductory MPI tutorial from Dartmouth College, N.H., U.S.A.
  4. The MPI Forum home page. This is a formal, "official" site, not an interactive discussion forum.
  5. MPI tutorial course from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S.A. Quite comprehensive.
  6. Complete MPI Reference book. The full formal and canonical MPI reference document.

Fortran-related sites

  1. Fortran User's Guide (essentially Sun's guide) from International Center for Theoretical Physics..
  2. Fortran Documentation from HP (good for both Language Reference Manuals and User Guides).